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This sexy mom knew that her young boyfriend was extremely anxious after a long day at work. She spent her entire day waiting for him to get home. Once he was home, this horny mommy couldn’t wait to rub his cock all over her face and tug it like never before. She started by just rubbing her hands up and down his flaccid cock and trying to get him to relax a bit. It worked out very well, once he got hard Mrs. Starr pulled out her big tits and spent the rest of the time jerking him off until his cock exploded all over her face and tits. What would you do if you had the chance to get a strong cock tugging from this horny mommy? Would you fuck her of maybe even try to fuck in in the ass? I know I would because Mrs.Starr is a dirty mommy who loves to fuck.

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What’s better than hooking up with a big tit mature woman? Well, cumming all over her big tits as she tugs on your cock! This blonde dirty milf had a blast the other day when she found her latest tugjob victim. She’s actually a teacher and her name is Alura Jenson. One of her students saw her profile on a sex hookup site and he contacted her. You can find women for sex at if you’re looking to hook up with women like this mature blonde babe.

Let me get back to telling the story…She was really pissed off when she did and wasn’t going to let him get away with this. So, she did just what she should and gave him exactly what he wanted. When they were alone the other day she decided to take her top off and grab his cock. She punished this bad student by giving him the mature tugjob of his life and making him cum all over her tits. I’m pretty sure he learned his lesson.

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This sexy milf wanted her skin soft and smooth. So she decided to go for a product that she knows has no side effects. She had discovered that her skin glowed every time she swallowed or had some cum on her face and body from mature tugging. So whenever her skin felt dry, like today, she would get a good looking guy with a big cock and then start maturetugging him. It was the best way she knew of taking care of her skin to supplement her skin care products. And with her curvaceous behind and big boobs, she always has an endless supply of cum.

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A lot of guys spend time and money looking to get an orgasm. But there are a select few who get paid for it! This is because mature tugging is becoming more popular by the day as women discover the wonderful benefits of semen. They not only want it, but they are willing to pay for it! And these are not just women who are bored at home or are not attractive. These are gorgeous, adventurous and sexy milfs who are experienced in maturetugging. Apart from the benefits of semen, they also like the feeling that going down on big dicked bad boys gives them.

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When a step mother is super hot and super horny, there is nothing else she can do when her husband is not around but to fuck his son. Like father like son right. Well, that’s what this mature brunette hopes to find out when she makes her step son pull out his massive cock so she work her mature tugging magic on it. She promises him that her maturetugging job will make him cum nice and hard if he promises not to tell his father about how great his step mother tugs his cock.To seal the deal she then switches out her hands for her breasts and titty fucks him!

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Studies have shown that older, mature women are more likely to give oral sex than younger ones. Horny mom Clara Blue proves that theory with some hot mature tugging. She may be over 40, but her hunger for cock has not aged. She loves to wrap her fingers around a soft cock and feel it grow in her hands. When the cock gets hard, she goes to work using both hands squeezing the cock until it’s so hard that the balls start to stretch. She gives that fuck me look and lets her mature boobs hang to turn you on.

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This mature step mom may be married to a nice man that has a great looking step son, but that has never stopped this naughty MILF from giving her step son a nice tug in the night. When Isabella notices that her step son is tossing and turning, the only thing step mommy can think of is to tug him to sleep. She gives the best over 40 handjobs ever, so she knows once she has his cock in her hands, the rest of the work is on her shoulders. Isabella will jerk him into a huge squirting orgasm, and watch her step son go to sleep.

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Goldie Blair loves it when her husband goes out of town for work. It means that Joey can come over and keep her hands company. Joey has a huge cock that Goldie loves to carress, but she also loves to tug and rub this huge cock while she is on her knees. Goldie takes pride in the fact that she gives the best mature tugjobs. Joey’s cock is going to be so happy after Goldie’s hands get a hold of his cock. She is going to make him cum all over her hands and face, and Goldie will like it.

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CharleeChases’s hubby is away for a weekend, therefore Miss Charlee needs some fun. She is always hoping that she will run into a guy with a huge cock she can play with. Charlee gives the best mature handjobs in her area, and the reason she knows that is because each time her hubby leaves, she is giving a tugjob to someone. She loves the feeling of cum squirting from her perfect hand job, and she also loves the taste of cum. Charlee Chase’s tugjobs are the ultimate in an easy release. The married wife loves to take pride in making men squirt all over her.

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Jenna Covelli is over 40 and loves to not only fuck, but has mastered giving the best mature tugjobs around.  She loves to grab a hold of a big cock, and tug on the cock till cum is exploding all over the place.  Her son’s friends tend to be her target, because they are so young, and just over 18.  She knows the teens don’t have the experience yet, therefore as a sexy mature woman, she will rock their cumming world.  Jenna will make sure her son’s friends have the best mature handjobs ever, and will make sure her son’s friends keep their mouth’s shut about how dirty Jenna is.